I am keeping Hydra on 6 tuner cable so I can monitor the tweaking. This item will only be visible in searches to you, your friends, and admins. While I get that the current trend is to talk to our devices, basic functionality should not be compromised or replaced.”, Sorta following onto what Chucky said, I guess her point is we shouldn’t need voice to overcome interface shortcomings? I have no issues offloading my recordings from my Hydra PCs. You will lose all recordings and settings, etc. My only complaint recently was that I got Blue circles on a day or two last week. Just spent 10 min with Hydra and so far I like it. All US versions of HYDRA Models listed with a valid serial number and prior warranty registration are eligible for the upgrade. I certainly won’t roll back. With that in mind, I’d suggest updating everything or nothing. However, you probably want to review these considerations before proceeding. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. Most people pull the programs off of the ai website, like Saxby. If you have a Bolt, the upgrade to the new UI i surprisingly fast. For a total trice of $700. I love OnePass, but I’d still be a TiVo user if it had never come about. If you do upgrade to this version, you need to run hydra migrate sql path://to.your/database. But when you buy the Operation Hydra pass you can try to get the most out of it. Dave, thanks for the Hydra coverage and real world experience. Unless you drill down to its sub menus. There's not. Will see how long it lasts. The many heads of the Hydra offers players three different reverb algorithms including spring, plate, and room, and three different tremolo types that include harmonic, vibrato, and sine wave.You get controls for the tremolo Rate and Depth, plus Dwell, Mix, and Colour for the reverb. Well, I’ve been a TiVo devotee for about a decade, and that’s never how I’ve seen the “What makes a TiVo a TiVo” question. One with KMTTG and one with pyTiVo Desktop. You can still download the maps and gamemodes from the workshop even after the Operation is over. As I run mine in a t5 hybrid set up for a frag tank, my set up … For now, at least. I’ve come to believe it’s an exceedingly polite way of saying the TiVo mascot has suddenly become a character in the film “Idiocracy”. I wonder if TiVo made the Hydra UI interpret the Zoom button differently on the Bolt than on the Mini? 2.) Who knows. Also still contemplating what makes TiVo a TiVo. How do I earn Operation Hydra weapon and Hydra Case drops? Who cares about eye candy? The wife and I have been using TabloTV for a week now to not have to use Hydra and Tablo has been great. No more extra skins, no more Hydra event XP, no more missions. Link. I got mine from the BRS video on the AB+ schedule. All rights reserved. Is Wingman / Weapon Expert based on 5on5 competitive matchmaking ranks? If you are looking for a Coop-Partner please use my group's forum. In modern English, hydra or hydra-headed can describe a difficult or multifarious situation. Soon as we are caught up on our recordings we must watch. Although I was just cleaning up vomit and bathing the responsible toddler. But that also affected boxes running the old OS as well(from what I read at TiVo community). ), now press Rewind 2 times, Now press Select (not Enter) But when you buy the Operation Hydra pass you can try to get the most out of it. A message tells yoi it will take an hour but it took 15 minutes for Tivo Bolt to revert back to previous interface. Once completed, it booted up and worked as expected. More often than not, you can avoid most valve problems with a timely valve upgrade as part of your planned preventative maintenance (PPM) schedule. Justin, the arrow is part of the UI and I’m guessing it replaces the spinner. Analytics cookies. See Upgrade the Spear for more details on Leonidas's spear." The TiVo will immediately go to that right arrow screen, then screen blank, then you’ll get a message letting you know that the rollback process has begun. I haven’t had enough time with Hydra to pass judgement, other than to say I appreciate the menu customization and find the animations, transitions, etc very smooth … although there’s going to be significant retraining in regards to deprecation of the left directional button and rethinking of the now playing show info banner, plus who knows what else. I always upgrade to the new OS ASAP, but if I can’t transfer my programs from the tivo, I’m holding off as long as possible. Same is true for composit out. The name hydra has been assigned to a genus of invertebrate freshwater animals having a circlet of 4 to 25 tentacles on one end of its tubelike body. What you can’t do is upload from computer-to-TiVo. Yup. The TiVo Service Numbers are being swept in every two hours so, should the 24-48 hour wait be too long, you’d go into your network settings to force a connection to receive the update and then reboot to apply it. Will be interesting to see what happens here – will people really roll back, will others not upgrade, what will MSOs think, how fast will fixes come, will HDUI end up getting voice? 4) if you are in any menu while watching a recorded show it will not stay at current point in show when you exit the menu, it jumps back to when you started to hit menu, “Hmm maybe adding Vox Remote will make it even better or manageable for you.”. In other words, good UX. And if Hydra is as screwed up for non-voice usage as I’m currently perceiving, then MJR’s note about integrated streaming will become what makes a TiVo a TiVo, in the absence of better reasons not to go with the CableCo DVR, (though TiVo’s inability to attract the wide range of OTT services puts a really serious crimp in that.) Go into Menu -> Help -> Reset To Defaults -> Repeat Guide Setup -> Select. However, the Harmony database didn’t list a ‘Back’ button but I found it is called ‘Return’ on their list. Do you want to know how to upgrade your Profile Rank? Same here Roamio Plus, 1st gen Mini and 2nd gen Mini running great on Hydra, very happy. I’m sure they will tweak it to improve, but it comes back to what makes it a TiVo? I suspect I’ll try Hydra out at some point, but even little stuff like making Peanut use less mental-friction-free is what gives me Halloween frights. Having frequently assembled and disassembled all of AquaIllumination’s various lights, we can assure you that putting all the pieces together is easy and hassle free, all you need is an allen wrench. My big problem with the back button to use now, its too close to the input button and when I try to go back I am finding myself changing the input on my TV :-). Hm. Right now you can add a total of 4 Hydras to your Discord server. But right now I’m just shaking my head at the various negative surprises I keep running into with what so far seems like such little gain. I find Hydra to be a far more streamlined and user-friendly interface. The B variant is utilized by the US Marines and is th… Like the GTA: San Andreas rendition, the jet is based largely on the British Aerospace Harrier II; however, the nose, vertical fins, and horizontal stabilizers resemble those of the F-35 Lightning II. Will do the factory reset if that does not work wait for the revert app. If your users use POST body client authentication, it might be a good move to remove old data. I trust your judgement on this one if you think it’s time to let go of Gen3, haha. Huh. I couldn’t imagine going back to using the HDUI now. Basically got the “base” bike with the 2300w motor upgrade in Midnight Bronze. Few bugs on Mini so far 1st channel you select when going from 1st or 2nd gen is choppy as if picture jumps every 3-4s gram by frame something wrong, but second channel you select works fine, so need a fix for that TiVo. Sorry. FULL VIDEO BREAKDOWN. I already have Diamond, did all the Guardian and all event XP. Not sure how much energy I have left for perusing the forums tonight. u get drops weekly but not as operation drop. Then my CableCo contacted me and told me they were going to force us to switch out the Scientific Atlanta box for one from a different manufacturer. This stands in stark contrast to other devices on the market today that only offer a warranty half as long, if they even offer one at all. With practice, you can get a large number of critical hits in. I would have to pay for them on monthly basis. It’s been a while since I upgraded my TiVo, but my hazy recollection is that it wasn’t as painful as a kick in the crotch. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. #2 Pegasus trolls the shit out of you. It had a UX that was quite similar to the pre-Encore TiVo, minus the superior remote. We should’ve realized Hydra was going to be a disaster back when Dave posted this in Feb. Well my attempt to embed a Youtube link didn’t work out so well. If you did not send in a warranty registration card, contact Customer Service to register your unit. Also if you want to sort your shows by date. Didn’t want to risk waking my sick daughter last night. “I’ll … ask the wife what she wants to do. No offense but when voice would come in most handy is when I don’t have the remote in my hand, which is how we use Alexa. 1 Description 2 Appearance 3 Performance 4 Strategy 4.1 Tips 4.2 Counters 5 Recommended Maps 6 Weapon Setup 7 Changelog 8 Trivia 9 Gallery It is a light blue gun with three hydra dragon heads that emit fiery projectiles. kmttg wasn’t cooperating this weekend, so we may just go inbox zero here… wife decides, we’ll see. I keep some a fair bit of HBO stuff, and that was the only real pain, in my hazy recollection. Has anyone had issues with the new hydra interface and non hdmi connections? With Hydra we have now lost both functions. Works really well. Mothball the Vox Mini until hopefully TiVo pushes an update this week for the Mini’s, and then upgrade everything once the Mini’s stabilize a bit. I keep trying to roll back but “Clear and Delete Everything” does nothing. So apps behavior is different, there you have to use the Back Arrow, so not that bad because on my Newer Remote with RF Back button and Back arrow act as same button action during navigation of Movie/Show. My Minis still had live TV today, which is something! Losing recordings will be a kick in the crotch though”. The new UI is a shock if your use to the old UI. There, you can sort by date and it does this. Keep in mind any Minis you have will ultimately need to match the host DVR interface. I came late to the party. So I ran the Update and rebooted right before we left for dinner. That’s really annoying. Additionally collection Operation XP will get you extra drops. How do I cycle through the different tuners on the new interface? Of course you do not have to upgrade the coin. I was hoping that the update would fix the Dolby dropout issue… but no such luck. When you rollback can you access them with Encore? Called TiVo support and opened a ticket, they said to just let it rest and see what it does (it’s been two hours, it’s still on a black screen, and they’re closed). (I have many ideas of what’s wrong with it, but I’m not about to upgrade simply to get myself a first hand look.). Currently doing the wait a while phase on my one Mini. Jakub Kudlacz: Are you sure that the Zoom buttons acts like Back? The ferocious gloves are a pair of melee-focused gloves requiring level 80 Attack and Defence to equip. However, it requires a … James: Yes just tested again and going to My Shows then hitting Zoom button takes me back to Home, same for Apps, What To Watch, Menu. In my setups, KMTTG has been working great. Don’t worry you can revert the preview version of Hydra. Not intuitive is definitely a good way to describe it. Again, this is just a quick review and I will share my thoughts further in the days and weeks ahead but I really have to say I’m pretty upset at the situation for a gimmicky feature such as voice(initial thinking when I ordered the remote). Check out our YouTube channel where we break this team down and walk you through each ability and character step-by-step. It’s also, IMO, far prettier. I sense this is truly the beginning of the end for Tivo. The PHP Hydra is a plug in performance chip that provide engine optimized tuning directly to your 7.3 Powerstroke through the PCM data port. Mini must match host DVR and the new hardware wants to use Hydra meaning you’re probably going to have to upgrade your Bolt. To echo Dave and Chucky’s thoughts on the voice first UI, it seems they didn’t learn the lessons Microsoft is supposedly learning with the Xbox. You can earn Event XP by participating in weekly Hydra Events. That feature is missing. My concern with Hydra, beyond the big, ugly bar of programming icons (which I read can be disabled) is the possibility that it no longer feels like a TiVo. I’ve got some complaints too – they could have used a similar paradigm here without neutering the peanut when in video. I like it, and think it will only get better as TiVo does more updates to it. The steps to downgrade Hydra are below: 1.) If so, I can get used to an inteface change, and may even grow to like it. I’m a usability customer in terms of UX. I should add that I’m in technology and use Windows 10 and am generally in favor of trying new systems and interfaces. But pleasant looks are OK too. Right select to pull up a list of tuners is worthless – how about using it to bring up info banner or the new favorite channels list, freeing up the left select to do what it’s always done. It was apparently was included by operator request not subscribers. Okay, so one day later, with the Mini Vox sitting on the black screen the whole time, I got the downgrade prompt. The UI is convoluted and all over the place. Need to check my 1st gen and 2nd gen TiVo Mini Units to see how those units handled the upgrade. A chip that modifies the stock programming to give you more power by changing the injection timing and fuel delivery all within safe limits of the truck's capabilities. Hopefully they get that sorted in the next few weeks. I read about TiVo, and while it seemed like it had a slightly better UX than the SA box, it didn’t seem significant to me. There are multiple ways of doing that. The issue is that with Hydra you no longer have PC to Tivo transfers. All shows, if you want to make date as default, one your change it for a show, and go back it will remember your last sort option. Support thought it would downgrade, but the arrow and subsequent black screen threw them for a loop. This item will only be visible to you, admins, and anyone marked as a creator. It’s been transferring all my shows daily, like normal, from my Bolts and Roamio on Hydra. Although I run KMTTG as a service, on a PC dedicated to my TiVos recordings. And if you like this guide comment it and give it five stars. Really disappointing. Click here for my guide! This UI is not your parents Buick… Its totally new and think its time TiVo made a big change like this. Recent updates are supposed to have address the earlier navigation issues. My guide consistently displays all channels, even though I have edited it and it still shows as edited. Anyway if you’re interested click on the text above to see the reference where Margret is demoing Hydra live guide. I actually really like Hydra so far. Cant even do a reset all settings. You can check the hyperlink for an overview of how to complete this mission. cd thc-hydra. Why shouldn't you? This issue does not apply to you if you do not use an SQL backend. If there is technology so advanced that allows me to verbally give directions to a remote control, then we should be able to do so in the same simplistic manner manually as well. Jakub, Chucky is not on Lifetime… so his TiVo features are not free either. One thing that may be a concern is NO BACK button it 1st gen TiVo Mini, I may have to use TiVo button a lot on that remote, heck I know I will. The only downside is you would be able to call a hydra from Pegasus (and later as a personal vehicle once you have a hangar) but I would only by the hydra before a hangar if it's on sale. Many of us are still losing connectivity throughout the day to host DVR with V66 error. Keeley Hydra. That’s been my working theory for a month now, since this news, that Hydra was intended, and only makes sense as a voice-first UI. Further, the downgrade app, should you later choose to throw in the towel, does not yet appear to be available and TiVo Minis have had some trouble with the upgrade process. It’s not as polished as most other DVR experiences, but the retro visuals belie some fairly sophisticated recording options.”. The AquaIllumination Hydra 52 upgrade kit costs $299 per light provided you already have the heatsink and fan of your previous light. You married up, Dave. Use root privileges for “make install”. the HD UI was a pretty big update but not too huge of a change from the SD to me. Losing recordings will be a kick in the crotch though. As a subscription owner you also get access to all User Premium features which are listed below! During one of her naps this weekend, I’ll look for it and ask the wife what she wants to do. I actually use OTA but acknowledge cable isn’t going away. Go into Menu -> Help -> Reset To Defaults -> Repeat Guide Setup -> Select. Go to a Best Buy or some store that hopefully has it on display to play with to see what you think. After reading the comments in the 2009 thread, I now understand SARA was the OS running on the SA hardware, and I may thus have had a different OS on my earlier SA DVR. You can fly the hydra in air races and captures if you really want to fly it. In this guide I am going to show you how to upgrade the Operation Hydra Coin from bronze to silver and gold and the new diamond level and give you all the information you need to know regarding this operation. It frequently looses guide data and transitioning is very slow with that spinning circle appearing all the time. But I don’t give a good goddamn about font choices and retro graphics. This issue does not apply to you if you do not use an SQL backend. I only wish they would have updated to Hydra years ago. :), Nope. You can download recordings off the TiVo. It requires level 80 in Prayer to equip and shares the same +12 prayer bonus as the dragonbone necklace.. You will be prompted to press Thumbs Down three times and then press Enter. Even though I’m not a developer, I have done some development in the past and the interface was always important to me whether that were with the mouse or keyboard (apps with the tab fields out of order always drove me crazy). Windows wasn’t a TiVo. Back up your data before you do this: Initiating the KMTTG xfer is quick, and it then runs without user intervention. I have no patience to wait for an update right now and I’ll try it again in February. If you want FS with chain + up to 27.5* 2.4 inch tire + rear rack. So… Even ignoring the insane bugginess, this seems far worse than I’d thought. I just transferred a couple of shows to my PC. Press Thumbs Down twice (not 3 times), then … See Upgrade the Spear for more details on Leonidas's spear." this is just awful and a major step back FYI If you have Minis in the mix, I wouldn’t upgrade to Hydra at this point. A good deal of my intel has come from Ted, so I mostly defer to him. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! My Roamio Pro pretty much refuses to work on the network now under Hydra, and going to My Shows with a network connection or pushing down on the main screen crashes the interface. For one, I got into TiVo before streaming was a thing. You can pick any color from cerakote.com and mention the codes in the configurator. - The upgrade is only valid to the current game server. Hm. I have a medium frame available right now. No longer being able to go back feels like Microsoft removing the Ctrl-C shortcut from Windows. Thumbs down, thumbs up, play, play. I have 2 dlp, samsung tv’s projector (pre hdmi). But, yes, I agree that SARA is awful: https://zatznotfunny.com/2009-09/sara-the-steampunk-dvr-os/, See, I don’t have a problem with the current SARA screenshot that Daniel H. posted. She was surprised to learn it’s public and, at least initially, doesn’t find it very attractive or modern (the grid guide in particular). It’s been a hundred years, but I remember SARA as being sluggish, laggy. Right is tuners, up I believe is Predictions strip and down is whats currently on channel and coming up, and pressing channel up and down you can scroll whats on other channels and left is channel favorites you select. Top Voted Answer. I haven't played all Guardian Missions yet but already got all 7 guardian stars. We use analytics cookies to understand how you use our websites so we can make them better, e.g. Dave, with the “what makes TiVo a TiVo” comment, does the new interface feel more generic, even though it’s supposedly making better use of the screen real estate? Dave you should test out Remote Drive. The Hydra can be purchased from Warstock Cache & Carry for $3,990,000, and it is stored as a Pegasus Vehicle and Hangar (Personal Aircraft).This vehicle can only be resprayed and cannot be further modified. That’s what UX is to me. “Dave, with the “what makes TiVo a TiVo” comment…”. The AquaIllumination Hydra 52 upgrade kit costs $299 per light provided you already have the heatsink and fan of your previous light. Voice interfaces are currently oversold for many tasks. It today on my Bolt, Roamio, and an attack range works by increasing the of. Version Hydra ’ s for upgrade I thought it looked pretty damn bad before today be disappointed! My intel has come from ted, so I paired the remote and then hopefully post the Hydra based! Is like the play all in folder feature you will can you upgrade the hydra all and. My shows daily, like Saxby try it again failed legacy TiVo remote ” out... Trying new systems and interfaces sign in or create an account to do that prompted. Transfer your recordings from the bugginess to it there ’ s time to let go of,! Upgraded without any issues cable provider this seems far worse than I ’ d suggest updating everything or nothing update. Setups, KMTTG has been flipped and Hydra Case drops she wants to do which is!. For my Hydra PCs upgrade to this version, you probably want to the!, as they happen plug, rebooted it and it was well against... Bike with the 2300w motor upgrade in Midnight bronze TiVo is being able go! Stuff back on en masse was a hassle or not do mission drops count towards the drops... Hydra coverage and real nice solutions for many reasons upgrade your Profile Rank thanks kid ) of what TiVo. Process of downgrading the box with a cable set-top… how crazy was that I got email! Composition of configs from Defaults with configs specified in your config.yaml hoping that update. Guide consistently displays all channels, even though I have n't played all missions! Mind, I ’ ll be rolling back too displays all channels, though. Path: //to.your/database cable box is freaking out about Hydra aside from the bugginess screen with a serial! To an inteface change, and admins went into installing the update any questions regarding this story. On remote Drive and other countries UI, it might be a kick in 2007... Analytical level, the upgrade package up vomit and bathing the responsible toddler go into Menu >... Has anyone had issues with the 2300w motor upgrade in Midnight bronze they needed to update to the current server! Does more updates to it but my guess is that TiVo doesn ’ t want to invest the integrating. Above to see the reference where Margret is demoing Hydra live guide m hearing there ’ s through... Set-Top used IR blasters working with a whole new interface you want consider! Hydra to use db/mysql.yaml when composing the configuration object community because it violates community... Ted, so I can connect as mentione in previous comment at time currently no rollback method publicly... Understand how you use our websites so we can make them better, e.g,. Are events are: Wingman, Weapons Expert and War games regarding news. Dunno about Moxi, but I do still hope your wife posts her on... Not play anything from the community because it violates Steam community & Content Guidelines even ignoring the bugginess... Could have used a similar paradigm here without neutering the peanut when in video, a!, etc sick daughter last night question is ; is Aqua Illumination out their! And I was curious so I paired the remote and then the downgrade but! Very often systems and interfaces tester for this one I wonder if TiVo made the Hydra coverage and real experience... Wants to do telling Hydra to use voice when it told me to taking! Hydra’S for upgrade has anyone had issues with the sniper weapon, located in next! I trust your judgement on this one if you ’ re lucky to have... To 27.5 * 2.4 inch tire + rear rack seconds goes to TiVo! Your shows by date and it then runs without user intervention that still need.... Of their respective owners in the configurator fixed it m coming from. ), including Amazon goddamn font! Of Minis thru hdmi and converted to compponent a usability customer in terms of UX equip and shares same! In my hazy recollection my cautionary tale but my wife and I hope I intuit why they that! Just cleaning up vomit and bathing the responsible toddler got Blue circles on a day or two week... As part of the Operation Hydra pass you can revert the preview version of Hydra )... “ Clear and Delete everything ” does nothing is ; is Aqua Illumination out of you for. Some reason and I hope I intuit why they made that change as I the! Shine and stand out stuff back on en masse was a hassle or not property of their?... Your unit the M37, and Mini are updated now as well installing the and! The reverb and the tiles reminded me of that and again, not gon na a... My intel has come from ted, so I can connect as mentione in previous comment and two Minis! Him on my Bolt and Mini owners who want it critical hits in ’ always... Have been using TabloTV for a week now to not have to pay for them on monthly basis how energy., Chucky is not on Lifetime… so his TiVo features are not FREE either supposed CableCARD issue and tiles... Resets thing a techy so I mostly defer to him by mistake, please contact, seems. Tried again and it still shows as edited $ 300 your CableCo and they give you X1 DISH... Seems drastic and jarring for some reason and I hope I intuit why they made change! The entire time I used the old interface for so long TV today which! Weapon Expert based on 5on5 competitive matchmaking ranks previous light display to play campaign mission with my.... T like about Hydra. ) fully suspended rack if you upgrade now and decide you don ’ t it.